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Three Things We Learned About Week Three American Football

The 2015 season just took a turn for the interesting. Notice that I didn't use the word "better."

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

1. Temple stumbled, but they'll still go to the inaugural AAC title game

...among other potential accomplishments. It looked like the AAC East might be a two horse race between the Owls and Cincinnati at first. Three weeks in, that looks to have been a correct assessment, and the Owls just beat the Bearcats in their second game of the season.

Sure, the win over UMass was fugly (and that's putting it nicely), but look at their schedule. Their hardest game over the next month is East Carolina on the road. I would put the odds at at least 2:1 that this Temple squad is both undefeated and ranked when they play Notre Dame on Halloween.

2. UCF is going to have a super long and awful season

After failing to help their freshman kicker take down Florida International, the Knights went out west and got stomped by Stanford. Perhaps they were still reeling this week when they couldn't manage to beat an FCS Furman squad that had gone a whopping 1-11 dating back to September 6, 2014.

Between Bo Schneider and Tyler Harris, the quarterback situation and by extension the entire offense is a hot mess. They likely would get destroyed by South Carolina on the road even with Justin Holman back, but the complete state of disarray this team appears to be in leaves a grand total of zero obviously winnable games on the schedule even when Holman comes back.

3. SMU's #PonyUpTempo offense is going to give every defense in the conference nightmares

Seriously. After three games, the Mustangs are 47th in the country in offensive yards and 75th in points per game. Might I remind you that two of their three games have come against freaking Baylor and TCU?

I'm certainly not saying that they'll challenge for the conference title. Not when they're in the stacked AAC West, and not when their defense has been as awful as their offense has been amazing (possibly due to lack of depth and playing two top-five teams, but still). They should manage enough offense for bowl eligibility, which is a huge accomplishment for a first-year coach. Matt Davis is for real, y'all.