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Underdog Dynasty Biggest Loser Second Month Results

So it looks like we have a new winner and leader... or do we?

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

So, now that we are two months in, I can give you two updates. For everyone, we can now give you an update on how they did for the second month, as well as how they are doing overall when it comes to that $300 grand prize at the end of the season (which does involve New Mexico State, but does not involve the drinking game. Not intentionally, anyway.)

Away we go!

Chris Hondros, Get Him He Is the Greek

Well the weight is slowly and surely coming off.  The new job helps, as well as being the new tennis coach because it forces me to exercise.  It's not coming off as rapid as I want, which probably means i'll have to start a more rigorous program

Matt Monte, Cajun Livin' Y'all

After wasting about a month I got back on the wagon. Exercise had been little hard to come by though, so weight loss was a little slow to match. Hopefully I can put it all back together this week though. Exercise bike + free weights + 4 hour football games = skinny Matt. Hopefully.

Jared, The Texan Who Is Dedicated

Current weight is 240, down from 251 to start the month. I'm down 21 pounds in 48 days. Biggest change this month is that I've started jogging instead of lifting weights. Much more conducive to weight loss. I've been averaging about three two mile runs per week. Friends and family have started to notice my weight loss and I've gotten rid of some nasty stretch marks. Now the real test comes this week with tailgating season upon us...

Contestant X, Not Cool Bro

Down to 327/328ish from 330 last month. 60 hour work weeks have gotten in the way of exercising and eating right, but after I get back from vacation I'm getting back at it. Also, I'm walking around as much as I can during vacation instead of driving.

Nicolas Lewis, Site Manager

Alright, I can finally admit to not exactly working very hard thusfar. I've not really ramped up my exercise at all, and the one thing I've actually done is almost completely eliminate sugary drinks (down from 1-2 a day to one every couple of days). Is that a great start? Yes. Is that enough to win anything more than a hug from my wife? Nope. Time to buckle up.


Contestant August Start Weight August Finish Weight Percent Loss
Jared K. 249 240 3.56
Chris H. 222 219 1.35
Nic L. 213 211 0.94
Con X. 330 327 0.91
Matt M. 295 293 0.68

Contestant Initial Start Weight Current Weight Total Percent Loss
Con X. 349 327 6.3
Jared K. 256 240 6.25
Nic L. 220 211 4.09
Matt M. 303 293 3.3
Chris H. 225 219 2.67


Yes, I know, no photos. I wanted to get this damn thing posted. You want photos? Snapchat me. I'm joking, snapchat is for people much younger than me.

So it would appear that Jared is a beast. He had the best month, and has the best overall performance of the group. Everybody but Jared slowed down this month, and so he now has a solid lead on the crowd. He also lost about five pounds before the competition ever started, so he got a bit of a jump on the crowd.

Oh, also it appears that Contestant X has been sandbagging it, people! I finally get an update, and as it turns out, he crushed all of us in the first month, and is now in the lead for the final grand prize! That being said, he has been put on notice. If he misses two more weigh-in deadlines, his lead will be irrelevant as he will be permanently disqualified. Don't be that guy, Con X.

Unfortunately, those two never gave a mid-month update, so they are disqualified from winning month two. Matter of fact, since Chris is the only one who met the mid-month weigh-in deadline, and since he lost a pound more than me, Christopher Hondros is your month two winner! A $25 gift card to the destination of his choosing will be sent... whenever I feel like it.

Everybody else, you know where to put your money. Jesus Christ, no, not in your mouth, in the community pot! What is wrong with you people??