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UCF Knights Fall to Furman Purple Paladins 16-15: Final Score and Recap

This was not pretty. No sir, not even close.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

How do you manage to lose by a point to an "OK" FCS program? Well, lots of ways, actually.

How about going up against a very skilled kicker who manages to drill a 55-yard field goal? Or perhaps throwing three interceptions, one of which came on the third of three ill-conceived pass plays to end the game?

Very little went right for the Knights in this game. Bo Schneider and Tyler Harris combined to go 14-for-28 for 98 yards and three interceptions. The Knights managed to pull together 171 rushing yards, but that was cancelled out by things like C.J. Jones' fumble, which came one play after Furman made an awful punt on fourth down - and was forced by him running into his own teammate.

Additionally, could the offense get any more vanilla? The Knights trailed 16-15 and took over possession at their own 10-yard line with 1:22 remaining in need of a field goal. So what's the play call?

  • Five yard out route to the short side that almost gets intercepted and gains one yard.
  • Five yard out route to the short side that gains six yards
  • Ten yard out route to the short side that gets intercepted.
Nothing about that sequence says "I know exactly what to do on offense and have great confidence in my team's ability to do it.

This season just got a whole lot longer for George O'Leary