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UTSA Turnovers Lead to a 69-14 Blow Out Win for Oklahoma State

Four early turnovers buried UTSA into a deep, deep hole.

Dalton Sturm rears back to fire a pass against Oklahoma State. The walk-on entered the game after a fourth turnover from starter Blake Bogenschutz.
Dalton Sturm rears back to fire a pass against Oklahoma State. The walk-on entered the game after a fourth turnover from starter Blake Bogenschutz.
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another blow out loss for UTSA. The story from last week was similar against Oklahoma State as pathetic special teams play and abundant penalties gave the Roadrunners no chance of challenging a high quality opponent on the road.

Quarterback Blake Bogenschutz turned in the worst performance of his career as he completed just three more passes than fumbles and interceptions. Bogenschutz was benched in the second quarter in place of walk-on Dalton Sturm.

Sturm saw varying levels of success as he was hamstrung by penalties and poor execution from those around them. The offensive line was mauled by Oklahoma State's athletic defensive line, leading to three sacks and one of Bogenschutz's fumbles.

It would be hard for me to sit here and blow hot air into your balloons with potential silver linings after by far the largest point differential loss in UTSA football history. The punts were solid, that's about all I've got.

Shockingly, UTSA's defense was better than the 69 points would show. Sure the coverage was inconsistent and pocket pressure was rare, but UTSA made some plays against a very potent offense despite having only one scholarship linebacker available to play. Of course given the seven turnovers the offense produced perhaps any attempts at playing defense were futile.

Outscored 99-17 over the past two weeks, it's time for UTSA to take a long look in the mirror. They have regressed each week and glaring issues are not being addressed. Make no mistake, the schedule has been tough, one of the most challenging early schedules in the nation, but UTSA played poorly enough today to lose to most FCS programs. If the Roadrunners don't show considerable improvement against Colorado State then large shake ups should take place before conference play begins against UTEP.

One never expects a quarterback controversy heading into the fourth week of the season but here we are. Personally, Bogenschutz has shown enough to deserve a start against more fair competition even if he struggled mightily against Oklahoma State. On the other hand, Sturm provided a visible spark once he entered the game and provided more production than Bogenschutz. It's a tough decision for the coaching staff, one that might dictate the outcome of the rest of the season.

The Roadrunners will return to the Alamodome next Saturday against Colorado State in what could end up being one of the smallest crowds the Dome has seen in a while.

Ugly losses are starting to pile up. If UTSA doesn't find a way to win a ball game soon then their perception as  a start-up darling could regress to that of just another poorly-funded mid major.