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Checking In With Tulane's National Ranks After Two Games

Turn around if you don't like seeing a bunch of big numbers where they shouldn't be.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a look at where Tulane ranks nationally in some important team stats after two games. Shall we?

It can't be THAT bad, can it?

Before we go any further, we should note that there are 127 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision this year. At least 100 of those will get to a bowl game in 2015 (I kid and digress — but seriously, stop creating bowls to create bowls!).

And away we go!

Fumbles Recovered: 3rd

All right, guys. There is nothing more to see here. The Green Wave is ranked in the top-5 of something.

Have a good...

Oh, you mean stats that actually matter. Hmm.

Passing Offense: 82nd

Tulane is averaging 211.5 yards per game through the air. That's not terrible, but the Green Wave rank 108th in completion percentage (52.0) and need to get more out of quarterback Tanner Lee.

Passing Yards Allowed: 83rd

This one could be a lot worse, but Tulane's first two opponents (Duke and Georgia Tech) chose to run the ball down the Green Wave's throats. We'll see how this matches up after a few more games.

Here's where it gets ugly — or good, depending if you're a fan of car crashes.

Rushing Offense: 125th

Yikes. Name the two teams below Tulane in this stat. Give up? Central Florida and Western Michigan. The Green Wave only average 48 yards per game on the ground.

Rushing Defense: 125th

Remember what I said earlier about Tulane's opponents running the ball at will? Well, here's the reason. The Green Wave has given up the third most rushing yards per game in the FBS behind Eastern Michigan and Massachusetts. Playing Georgia Tech exasperates this, for sure, but allowing 322.5 yards per game is horrendous.

Scoring Defense: 125th

Opponents have torched Tulane for 51 points per game. To the Green Wave's credit, Duke only scored 37. But the Yellow Jackets hung 65 on Tulane last week.

Scoring Offense: 126th

There were major concerns about the Green Wave's offense last year and it has done little to alleviate those worries in 2015. Tulane scored a total of 17 points through two games, seven more than lowly Akron.