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UTSA Roadrunners Fail to Match Big XII Competition Against Kansas State Wildcats

A strong defensive performance kept UTSA in the game but UTSA’s offense provided fans with a flashback to 2014 with a pitiful offensive performance.

Jason Neill and the UTSA defensive line failed to provide a pass rush against Big XII competition
Jason Neill and the UTSA defensive line failed to provide a pass rush against Big XII competition
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

UTSA felt the brunt of Big XII competition as they hosted Kansas State in the Alamodome on Fox Sports 1. Bill Snyder's Wildcats beat the Roadrunners in every phase of the game, leading to a 30-3 road victory for KSU.

The Roadrunner offense was downright abysmal, failing to get the ball moving outside of a promising scripted drive to start the game. UTSA's hot start was stifled by three penalties as the Roadrunners were forced to settle for a long field goal. Marred by penalties and generally sloppy play, the Roadrunners failed to score a touchdown at home after ringing up 32 points against #22 Arizona on the road.

Thanks to a consistent four man pass rush, the UTSA offense was hopeless after earning a three point lead. While the Roadrunners were able to gain some easy yardage on the ground to start the game, KSU's defense hammered down to obliterate the running game throughout the majority of the affair.

The story was similar on the other side of the ball as Kansas State managed to provide quarterback Joe Hubener with a lifetime to find an open receiver. UTSA's defense held strong against the Wildcat rushing attack to start the game but the physicality of Kansas State's offensive line grated the Roadrunner offensive line down in the fourth quarter.

Hubener was shaky in his passing attack, often throwing short passes into the Alamodome turf. Unfortunately for the Roadrunners, they were unable to take advantage of Hubener's lack of accuracy, settling to play receivers several yards off.

UTSA was stuck with several three and out drives as their offensive line was swallowed by Kansas State's defense. While Blake Bogenschutz was inaccurate, a large portion of the blame could be fairly pegged on the right side of the offensive line as they failed to build a passing pocket.

The game showed to be serious regression for a UTSA offense that showed little difficulty moving the ball down the field against a ranked Arizona defense last week. UTSA's defense did an admirable job containing Kansas State's rushing attack but their inability to create turnovers against an inaccurate quarterback will haunt them throughout the week.

UTSA's schedule shows little mercy for the Roadrunners as they travel to face Oklahoma State in Stillwater next week. Be sure to check back to Underdog Dynasty for more coverage throughout the week.