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Arkansas State Red Wolves Sell 10,000 Season Tickets and It Was Beautiful

Thanks to a possibly insane associate AD, a big-hearted Red Wolves fan, and an assist from Coach Blake Anderson, the Red Wolves made good on their goal to sell 10,000 season football tickets.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Jason Martin, A-State's Permanently Helmeted Associate Athletic Director who pledged to wear an Arkansas State football helmet until A-State Football sold 10,000 season tickets (about 1,500 more than the previous record) by the end of August. Alas, ticket sales fell short.

But the A-State Athletic Department refused to allow Jason's heroic efforts to be in vain. August may have ended, but the quest for 10,000 season ticket sales continued, led by Red Wolves Athletic Director, Terry Mohajir.

On Friday, the countdown to 10,000 season tickets began.

Inspired, Red Wolves stepped up in amazingly generous ways.

And this kid was the beneficiary of David's philanthropy!

But there was still work do do!

So then the Big Guy stepped in and stepped up.

And then Coach Anderson gave the tickets away!

But even that's not enough for Jason Martin, who's wife is probably still peeved about that helmet stunt.

Thanks, Jason Martin, for your heroic efforts. A proud Arkansas State Nation salutes you.