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Weakest Of The Week: North Texas And Sad SMU

Which game is the week's saddest possible match-up? Spoilers: we have a tie.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this started out well.

My original entry for this "Weakest of the week" series crowned the silly Florida Gators and New Mexico State Aggies and, though the post only had two comments, those were among the most searing that you will find in any online publication.

This IS one lame article. Who writes this shit? smdh. Is there some high school kid writing this?

HS kid? I HAVE FEELINGS, GUYS!!! (And I have two, not one, bachelors degrees thank you very much!)

Let's aim for more of the same thing and pick what I believe will be the weakest game of the college football slate this weak. (That's the pun, folks!) A reminder of the logic behind this series: football people (i.e. players, coaches, etc. etc.) preach that you shall bring the same energy to every game and every play of the season. Likewise, you should tailgate with as much vigor that you do Oregon at Michigan State than you do the littler football games of any given weak.

This weak should be fun, because there are a few serious and solid match-ups. Look, there are even conference games already and, sure, that's where I'll start.

The Weakest Of The Week: Georgia State Panthers at New Mexico State Aggies

What's the expression? If you've found the well with the golden ticket, go back to that well? Okay it isn't that, but I think you catch my hand going down to the bottom of that well: if you've found a winning combination, then keep winning.

While the Aggies were getting trounced in the Swamp against Florida, their team bus was getting broken into while losing out to Coastal Carolina for #FunBelt membership. Such is the life of a New Mexico State Aggie and I will concede that this really, really, really sucks. The good news is that NMSU has a home game in weak two; the bad news is that somehow, Georgia State was ranked ahead of the Aggies at the start of this season.

At least, you have a drinking game, NMSU.

The Weakest Of The Week 1a: SMU Mustangs at North Texas Mean Green

Welcome to the sad face emoji game of weak two. The Mustangs were pummelled 56-21, but don't be silly and excuse the lopsided scoreline by the fact that SMU was playing against the (CFP-bound?) Baylor Bears. In light of their results from a year ago, odds are that the team would have lost 56-21 to just about anyone.

The 2014 SMU Mustangs were a sad bunch, one that couldn't quite pull off the victory formation to close out its season in its lone win against the UCONN Huskies.

In 2015, Chad Morris is new in town and is set on turning this pack of horses into an entertaining peloton. SMU has an okay offensive line, and "okay" has to be considered progress in Dallas this season. Advanced numbers will say that as the season progressed, SMU moved from "historically bad" to merely "horrible" and, well, maybe they make the jump to "average" this season.


Meanwhile, North Texas is an awful mess, but the only reason you haven't heard about it is that the Mean Green open their season in weak two. The team struggles with attendance. The odds are against them. Calling their quarterback competition a "race" might be overselling it.

But squint very hard? You can see a young team improving, a good group of skill players with Antoinne Jimmerson, Jeffrey Wilson and Carlos Harris, and a team improving on the road because the 2014 edition might have been the worst road team of all time. And you can see good special teams units.

For now, though the game hasn't even started, the Mean Green has drawn first blood. Well done.