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Naked and Not Afraid! Four and a Half Questions for the A-State Naked Guys.

By day, Chase Becvar is a mild-mannered junior at Arkansas State and a sports writer for the university newspaper, The Herald. But on game days, the shirt comes off, the paint comes on, and he's leading the A-State Naked Guys to raw glory.

The Naked Guys are Scrabble in human form
The Naked Guys are Scrabble in human form
Chase Becvar

For a Naked Guy, Chase Becvar is surprisingly modest. "We don't really worry about how we look," says Chase, a certified A-State Naked Guy since 2013. "We have 'college student' physiques. You have to understand you'll be on national TV."


Whether on TV or not, the Naked Guys are an A-State fixture. Attired only in shorts, body paint, and relentless good cheer, these otherwise upstanding youths of the Baptist Campus Ministry are visual spectacles at all home games. Weather doesn't play a factor. The Naked Guys are up for public displays of nudity even in the coldest cold.

"Georgia State, 2013, was the coldest game for me," says Chase. "At halftime, we were all huddled in the bathroom for body heat."

Good news for body heat: Naked Guy numbers are increasing. Chase reveals that 34 guys have volunteered this season to "paint up," with sixteen more volunteers devoted to applying the paint. Recently, I pulled Chase out of a pick-up soccer game and asked him 4 and a half soul-baring questions.

1. What essential qualifications must one possess to be an A-State Naked Guy?

Nothing really! We ask that you not use bad language and represent faith. But anyone can be a Naked Guy.

2. First home game is against Missouri. What are you guys planning?

So far, we have our largest ever paint-up planned for Mizzou. Over 30 guys. We don't know what we're spelling yet.

3. What's a Naked Guy's greatest challenge?

(Laughs) We nearly had a spelling snafu one year. That's not something you want to see on TV.

4. What's your position on back hair?

(Guffaws) Honestly, we don't have a position. The girls behind us probably worry more about it than us!

4.5. Are you naked now? Be honest.

No! No I am not.

You can follow the trials and tribulations of the Naked Guys through Twitter.