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SEC Network busts the Hogs' chops for wanting to be like Red Wolves

Watch fun-loving SEC Network personalities accuse the Razorbacks of raiding the Red Wolves closet.

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Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It will surprise some of our readers that Arkansas State rarely rates a mention on the SEC trillion dollar recruiting tool Network. But even a Wolf will have its day as we see a trio of extra-jovial SEC Network personalties give the Razorbacks a bit of the ol' business!

Razorbacks wanna be Red Wolves on Vimeo.

First of all, let it be known that there is nothing wrong with using an iPad to lay down some serious smack. (I do it all the time, especially when I'm playing Words With Friends and I want to use the large screen to give my eyes a rest.) Secondly, it's common knowledge that UofA is so insanely jealous of A-State's style that it tried to convince the world that anthracite isn't just a fancy word for blackish-gray!

Kudos to the SEC Network for employing this hard-hitting journalism.


Writer's Addendum: The Fayetteville Flyer recently posted this story instructing Arkansas fans how to conduct a proper Hog Call:

The Hog Call starts with a long “Woooooooo,” and during that time, there should be no “ow ows” or any other sounds that would come from the animal that is the mascot for a school over in Jonesboro.

It seems that Red Wolves culture is taking over even the staunchest areas of resistance.