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Introducing the Underdog Dynasty Mailbag

Send us your questions, and we'll do our best to act like #sports #experts.

Answering your questions should be a nice segway into the football season.
Answering your questions should be a nice segway into the football season.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

What's simultaneously fun and challenging about running Underdog Dynasty is that we cover approximately 5,000 teams in some way or another (okay, so it's 34). We do our best to give coverage to the teams that normally don't get much attention, but sometimes life gets in the way and certain bits and pieces of information can fall through the cracks.

That's where our brand new mailbag comes in. We want you to come to us with your questions or comments about your favorite team and start discussions about topics you want to know more about and/or that we might've missed.

So here's how this will work. You can ask us a question either by leaving a comment below, on our Facebook page, or by tweeting at us. If you have a question about a certain team that we have a beat writer for, we'll do our best to get them on the horn. If we don't have a writer for the team you want to talk about, one of our editors will answer the question for you.

General guidelines: No personal attacks on our staff. Corrections and questioning what we've written is fine. And as always, live by the golden rule of "Don't be (too much of) an asshole."

We'll try and answer as many of your messages as we can, although if we get flooded with questions from our adoring *cough* fans, we might have to choose what we think are the best questions and stick with those.

Remember, the teams we cover are:

  • American Athletic Conference (sans Cincy and UCONN, who are over at Down the Drive and UCONN Blog, respectively)
  • Conference USA (sans UTEP, who are over at Miner Rush)
  • Sun Belt Conference
  • Army