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An open letter to the University of Idaho

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Stop. Just...Stop. What was once a proud school with winning tradition at the Division I-AA level for about 13 years (1982-1995?) is now a pathetic mockery of itself.

With the news today being about Petrino and his less than desirable character traits aimed at local school media, AD Rob Spear decided to set the story straight...via tweet:

Especially when that same guy who's coming at you has a known record of accused dirty play (see: Fresno State) and generally pissing the wrong people off.

Petrino is this guy, and Rob Spear is supporting him all the way via a press conference and A DAMN TWEET.  What the hell, Spear? We know this is the guy to supposedly lead you to victory, but he's been just as terrible with the rest of them and without the cheeky fun of another head coach that you fired.  You know who that coach was?

Robb F'n Akey

Robb Akey was charismatic and energetic and built the right kind of fire on the piss poor program.  He did the right things media-wise: had that rough back-country twang that made him lovable, was always happy to have conversations with media, announced that he wanted to be the least popular person in the WAC administration, and oh yeah, publicly called his arch-rivals "Donkeys".

Petrino had none of these traits when you hired him.  If you asked who would he consider to be the Vandals' rival, he'd probably wouldn't know.  He hasn't developed the right pieces or even brought excitement into the program via Tony Sanchez style, whom rival and conference teams are taking note of.  With this latest publicity stunt, whatever Vandal alumni are left funneling money down the drain into the black hole known as the Idaho Athletic Department, are probably thinking twice about it and maybe will start to restrain those funds.

The Vandals have probably become the worst program in the state of Idaho and definitely one of the worst programs in the nation, thanks in partially to Spear's poor direction, and also partially due to Idaho State's mini-resurgence (see: second best FCS offense IN THE NATION last season).  And guess what: it's probably going to get worse...

The way I see it Idaho, if you keep going this direction, you have two options: drop football entirely, or move down into FCS or lower to get out of the public eye completely.  With publicity like what has happened over the last couple days, you don't really want more than just the parents of those kids actually watching these games.


A concerned college football fan.