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Underdogs Destroy P5 at Not Getting Arrested

The Power Five may lead the nation in resources, media exposure, and influence over the NCAA, but according to former San Jose Mercury News reporter Mike Rosenberg, the P5 also leads in troublemaking.

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

Power Five programs have all the funds necessary to buy lavish weight roomsenormous scoreboards, and millionaire coaches. But what the P5 can't purchase is good citizenship. Behold! Mike Rosenberg's inglorious Top 25 College Football Teams for Arrests in the Last Five Years.

Well done, Underdogs. With the exception of Marshall (shame!), the G5 is absent from this ignoble book of mugshots. Citizenship badges to the Underdogs, y'all. We've earned it.

Perhaps we should hold a College Football Arrest-off?