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Sun Belt teams hopes in 2015: As sung by their famous musicians...

Musicians come from everywhere, some are good some are bad, but almost all of them have a song to remind them of their home town. As a tribute to them, we present the Sun Belt's teams season hopes in terms of their famous music alumni!

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Who's that lady

Coming down the road

Who's that lady

Who's that woman

Walking through my door

What's the score

I'll be the sun

Shining on you

Hey Cinderella

Step in your shoe

I'll be your non-stop lover

Get it while you can

Your non-stop miracle

I'm your man

Billy Ocean sure is romantic isn't he?  Little did he know when he made "Get Outta My Dreams," he was prophetically summing up the SBC's chances in 2015.  I wonder who else was having visions with their songwriting...

Appalachian State - Eric Church - Like A Wrecking Ball

I wanna rock some sheet rock

Knock some pictures off the wall

Love you baby like a wrecking ball

After a rough start to FBS football, the Mountaineers are ready to hit this season full on like a wrecking ball.  Could a bowl game be in their sights?

Arkansas State - Buddy Jewell - Sweet Southern Comfort

Carry on, Carry on,

Sweet Southern Comfort carry on

That Southern Comfort is what Red Wolves fans need after realizing it will be awhile before they win the conference again.

Georgia Southern - Luke Bryan - Kick The Dust Up

Kick the dust up Back it on up Fill your cup up Let's tear it up up And kick the dust up

YOU BASTARDS! You were responsible for Luke Bryan and this song, therefore you have to live with the most annoying song of 2015 - just like how your run option will tear up opposing defenses while you kick the dust up scoring touchdowns.

Georgia State - Coy Bowles, Zac Brown Band - Whiskey's Gone

It's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.

Lord it's a hard thing to overcome to wake up

and find the whiskey's gone.

It's very appropriate that Bryan's "rival" is Zac Brown and his band...It's also very appropriate that Georgia State has an alumnus who sings mournfully about whiskey being gone and sad times to be had.

Idaho - some trombone artist on Canary Lee Burton's album who makes a sliding trombone noise

You know, the one that's mocking and sad, like this:

Things will get better Vandal fans...I think

Louisiana-Lafayette - Frank Ocean -  We All Try

You gottta believe in something

something something

The Ragin' Cajuns are believing in another SBC Championship.

Louisiana-Monroe - Tim McGraw - Where The Green Grass Grows

Plant our dreams where the peaceful river flows

Where the green grass grows

Since the Warhawks somehow have Tim McGraw as an alumnus, might as well give them a song that's about dreaming of a better life.  That's where ULM stands anyway: satisfied with what they have, but dream of all they could get.

New Mexico State - crickets in Los Cruces


Sorry Aggie fans, no musician, no get the next best thing: the sounds of nature in rural New Mexico.

South Alabama - Dan Povenmire, creator of Phineas and Ferb - Phineas and Ferb theme song

Surfing tidal waves

Creating nanobots

Or locating Frankenstein's brain (It's over here!)

Finding a dodo bird

Painting a continent

Or driving your sister insane (Phineas!)

South Alabama fans are optimistic and believing they can do anything after they made a bowl game last season.  However, just like children's television, the Jaguars are probably going to learn an important lesson this season, but we won't know what until the end of the show.

Texas State - George Strait -Drinkin' Man

I look into the mirror, bottle in my hand

I'd like to pour it out, I just don't think I can

Cause that's a hell of a lot to ask of a drinkin' man

Texas State fans may end up hitting the bottle if Franchione goes a mediocre 6-6 or worse...again.

Troy University - Survivor theme song

Troy doesn't have famous musicians, but they have plenty of Survivor competitors as famous alumni.  Survivor: all the suspense of a reality show, but nobody's really paid attention to it in about five years.  Hence, they'll keep reinventing themselves to get viewers.