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Storylines from UTSA's First Week of Practice

A fast-moving offense and a clear-cut leader at quarterback has the Roadrunners feeling confident.

UTSA is just under four weeks away from taking the field for the first time in 2015
UTSA is just under four weeks away from taking the field for the first time in 2015
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With media day and the first scrimmage of the fall in the books, UTSA has now completed its first week of fall camp. While I'll have a lot more analysis to provide after I can get my own eyes on the team this Friday I've compiled some thoughts I've accumulated after following reports out of camp over the following week. Without further ado...

Injuries Pile Up
The offensive line is probably the most uncertain unit on this team and the first week of practice didn't do much to fill fans with confidence. Anticipated starter Juan Perez-Isidoro went down with an injury that may keep him out for the entirety of camp while Jordan Gray and Austin Pratt have also battled through injuries. William Cavanaugh has slid back to center with Perez-Isidoro out, freeing up a spot for senior Zach Hester to work his way back into the starting rotation. Hester played a lot early in his career but fell to the wayside after Cavanaugh earned a starting spot in 2013. If Hester were to have a resurgence then the offensive line could have some legitimate depth.

True freshman Rover safety Andrew Martel will sit out the 2015 season due to a shoulder injury. Martel was one of UTSA's top recruits in their last recruiting class and was likely to play on special teams this season. Baylor transfer and fellow Rover Austin Jupe has also been limited by a non-serious injury. H back/tight end Triston Crossland and WR Kenny Bias have also missed practices due to injury.

Bogie is the Man
Through one week of practice it seems that the QB competition is over before it ever even really began. Every interview out of camp has been filled with flowing praise for Blake Bogenschutz, with Bennett Okotcha going so far as to say that the young signal caller is the best quarterback he has ever played with, outranking even Landry Jones. Coach Coker hasn't shied away from calling Blake the starter and the national champion seems bearish about the prospect of playing multiple quarterbacks.

Need for Speed
If there's one word that keeps popping up after the first week of fall camp it's definitely "fast". The Roadrunners are not slacking on their goal to speed up the offense. Offensive coordinator Kevin Brown has said that the offense will aim to snap the ball with more than 15 seconds remaining on the play clock on each play. Even UTSA's own defense has been giving the offense credit for increasing their efficiency and production.

Wide receiver JaBryce Taylor has drawn a ton of praise from coaches and teammates alike. The former SMU wide out transferred to UTSA from Navarro Junior College and made a mark during summer workouts. While Taylor is behind Kenny Bias on the depth chart Taylor's size and strong hands will be hard to keep off the field.

Southwest Mississippi Junior College transfer Shaq Williams hasn't found his way onto the depth chart but the 6'3", 245 pound tight end opened eyes with his athletic ability at the first practice. I expect Williams to line up as an H back on many plays with David Morgan or Trevor Stevens manning the tight end position at the same time.