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AAC: Top WRs in 2015

The AAC sent several star WRs on to the NFL last season, which of the returning players are poised to fill that void?

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One of these players will make a big splash this season and rise up the draft boards like last season's Justin Hardy and Breshad Perriman. In a conference with such explosive offenses there are many opportunities to rack up impressive stats and to put a ton of reps on film. Here is a breakdown of what makes each of these players a matchup nighmare.

Keevan Lucas:

Skill Set: Great hands, high catch rate (65.6%), very good YAC, puts head down and punishes defenders after the catch.

lucas catch

Toughness: Mental and Physical. Overcame a ton of adversity.

Excels on crossing routes, and quick screens. Has the speed to break a big play or beat a defender over the top. Undersized as an outside Flanker, will most likely be used more in the slot under Briles protege Phillip Montgomery.

Mekale McKay

Skill Set: Size and Speed, impossible matchup at 6'6 with most corners. If a team does not have a guy that can cover his combination of size and speed he is very difficult to defend.

MCkayvs Toledo

Needs to drop fewer passes thrown his way even when not thrown perfectly, but his ability to elevate in jump ball situations is a rare skill.

Shaq Washington

Shaq Washington  Skill Set: Slot type WR, excels at crossing routes, and quick outs.

To say Washington is quick would be an understatement. He is the typical slot WR who can beat man coverage and has the ability to get open in a zone as well.

Isaiah Jones

Skill Set: Size,  athleticism.

Not a speed burner, works mostly in the slot and is fearless between the hashes.


Will likely have a huge jump in targets this season with Justin Hardy in the NFL.

Darius Joseph

Skill Set: Quick, precise route runner. Can go over the middle or make catches on the sidelines. Shifty runner after the catch.

Chad Morris taking over at SMU might very well give Joseph some new scheme specific advantages.

Darius Joseph and Keevan Lucas are the most proven of the group. Joseph could end up being the wildcard that jumps to the top of the list. Isaiah Jones has the biggest upside, and McKay is just a complete game plan nightmare that is difficult to defend in the red zone.

Out of the group I think that Mckay and Lucas will be at the top of the stat board at the end of the season barring injury. The AAC can make a case for having the top group of wide recievers in the nation and I think we will see plenty of production and highlights from them in 2015.