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What If The Group Of Five Went Full Boise On Their Fields? - Mountain West

We finally make our way to the left coast to look at the 12-team Mountain West. That includes the team that started this whole evil trend up in Boise, Idaho. And let's be honest, with California not having any rain, turf fields are the way to go.

Remember, the guidelines are to use alternate, secondary and old logos. No green fields and no conference logos. The Mountain West didn't have team-colored inspired conference logos handy. Some schools had em, some schools didn't.

So let's make like Lewis and Clark and head out westward!

Air Force

Air Force Field

The third service academy gets a basic look. Blue field like the blue sky, round crest logo at midfield and metallic lettering in the end-zones.

Boise State

Boise State Field

Since everyone's going Boise, it's only fair that Boise goes the opposite. Green grass, random white stripes in the end-zone. No logos and no gimmicks. A football field as God intended.

Colorado State

Colorado State Field

They could pay for this field with the McElwain buyout money. Interlocking initials look dumb and this is no exception.  Black end-zones because no green fields for green-colored teams.

Fresno State

Fresno State Field

This bulldog looks like he has a lisp. Somehow this red, white and blue field doesn't feel as patriotic as the others. The arching end-zone logos looks like it came out of a create-a-team generator on NCAA 15....err, whenever the last one came out before the courts ruined our fun.


Hawai'i Field

Every time I see a rainbow field, it's ROYGBIV. However, the Rainbow Warriors' logo was just RYGB. So Hawai'i gets their traditional colors for 25 yards apiece. End-zones are tribal tattoos that I don't know the meaning of, just like 95% of Americans who have tribal tattoos.


Nevada Field

The wolf in the Nevada Block N sticks out like it's watching you come home from work. But if Nevada is the Wolfpack, shouldn't there be more than one in the logo? Hell, Zack Galifianakis had at least two in his wolfpack. That is cured with the end-zones as there's two wolf heads in each one? I think Nevada should make their wolf head logo like Grond The Warhammer.

New Mexico

New Mexico Field

Another wolf, this time a Spanish wolf; New Mexico gets a striped red and grey field with a lobo outline at midfield. The New Mexico in the end-zones looks like it should be on side of a NASCAR.

San Diego State

San Diego State Field

This field is brought to you by McDonalds and their Secret Menu. The Aztec head looks mad at being decapitated and is actually quite racist. The end-zones have the barely read-able AZTECS logo in some font that no graphic designer should ever use. I'm sure the Chargers would be just fine with this field remaining for Sundays, especially since it saves water costs.

San Jose State

San Jose State Field

Bright yellow for San Jose State. Like others, SJSU enlarges the last letter in San josE. The Spartans in the end-zone are fighting in opposite directions, looking ready to spear any streakers or neer-do-wellers.


UNLV Field

The midfield Rebel looks like an old drunk from a 1930's cartoon. The giant handlebar mustache is only half as ridiculous as the giant chin and twenty-gallon hat. A modern Las Vegas rebel should be a cardshark in a blazer, slacks, gelled hair and overpriced shoes.

Utah State

Utah State Field

This version of an Aggie is a bull, which is a reach because an Aggie is a person. But whatever. Here's another Boise rival with a blue field. The end-zone lettering looks like how the Enterprise name would be painted on the ship, which isn't a bad thing.


Wyoming Field

Wyoming has, easily, the ugliest color combo in all FBS. But then again, it's hard for brown to look good with anything, especially gold and white. The end-zone gets the WYO treatment because they love it so much on their jerseys and now I wish I made a brown and gold camo field for maximum ugliness.