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What If The Group Of Five Went Full Boise On Their Fields? - Conference USA

At the halfway point, we go to Conference USA and their 14 teams. Or is it 13 because technically, UAB isn't a C-USA football member this season? I don't think Ray Watts even knows. Anyway, we didn't forget UAB.

Remember, the guidelines are to use alternate, secondary and old logos. No green fields and no conference logos. The Conference USA logo in particular looked bad as it's elongated and with striped fields, it stuck out like a sore thumb. With most the fields already sticking out like sore thumbs, the logos were just too much. Plus, no one actually likes being in Conference USA right now.

And so it continues.


Charlotte Field

As I said, no green fields! A gold field still wouldn't be enough to distract conference foes from running all over it this coming season.

Florida Atlantic

Florida Atlantic Field

The owl at midfield looks like it's at a gynecologist. A bright red field might literally be on fire in the south Florida sun. Maybe the field could be scented cherry flavored so the burning would resemble one of Howard Schnellenberger's famous smoking pipes? BTW, Schnelly for CFB HOF.

Florida International

Florida International

FIU gets the sand end-zones because...uh...well, I felt like it. The end-zone celebrations alone would be worth it. Maybe halftime could have the co-eds lay out in the end-zones in their tiny string bikinis? A surefire attendance booster in my opinion.

Louisiana Tech

Louisiana Tech

Easily the least-intimidating bulldog mascot. He just looks kind of there. No Louisiana-shaped logos here because according to most residents, La Tech might as well be in Arkansas or Texas.


Marshall Field

At least I gave Marshall green lines, hash-marks and numbers. There's a lot of Block M's in college athletics so the Herd get an animal head at midfield. This field might get Marshall kicked off TV for disrupting the white balance of every TV screen watching.

Middle Tennessee State

Middle Tennessee State Field

That logo at midfield is a creation of mine, a combination of two other logos. The grey Pegasus who just burped a lightning bolt is in stark contrast to the very-boring end-zones.

Old Dominion

Old Dominion Field

If the theme is lion royalty, ODU's logo might as well be Rafiki lifting up Simba on Pride Rock. The stripes fits ODU as it's a team that has't hit puberty yet and needs new traditions to separate themselves.


Rice Field

How did C-USA end up with two Owl teams? And how did both Owls end up with their legs in stir-ups? Blue was too obvious here so Rice gets the gray treatment. I was tempted to make a separate Rice field for the MOB, but decided against it.

Southern Miss

Southern Miss Field

Southern Miss just got new logos after Iowa whined and won a court case. No seriously. In response, USM should unveil this black field so their opponents will suffer in the Hattiesburg sun and heat. The new logos are in the end-zones looking at each other like "I would fight Iowa IRL, ya dig?"


UAB Field

In honor of being resurrected, UAB gets half of a green field! Plus a fire-breathing dragon. Local cos-players will have a field day with the dragon logo. The end-zone logo looks like something straight out of the 90's, right next to Double Dare and Guts.

North Texas

North Texas Field

No green field for North Texas, but they do get ghost lettering. The midfield logo looks like a science experiment gone wrong as an eagle wing and head were morphed together. It's green, but not really mean.


UTEP Field

El Paso gets a line pick ace at midfield amidst a sea of orange. Nice touch on the miner in the end-zones having five-o-clock shadow, looking ready to eat a bowl of chili.


UTSA Field

Another orange field. Maybe each having an orange field would cause UTSA and UTEP to become rivals? The roadrunner in this picture is likely running from Wile E Coyote. Visiting teams should set up ACME traps up on the field that backfire horribly.

Western Kentucky

Western Kentucky Field

No, I wasn't putting that giant red abomination on this field. The field almost looks like someone steam-rolled Big Red and spread him out over the field. Western Kentucky does that weird thing where they enlarge the last N in WesterN because they must have a symmetrical logo.

Tomorrow, it's #AmericanRising with the teams of the Old Big East aka the American Athletic Conference.