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What If The Group Of Five Went Full Boise On Their Fields? - #MACtion

Today, we get our MACtion on as we look at the 13 teams of the Mid-American Conference.

Remember, the guidelines are to use alternate, secondary and old logos. No green fields and no conference logos. the MAC logo, which needs an update in my opinion, looked a bit tacky on these fields.

So let's do this!


Akron Field

Double Kangaroos because why only go towards one endzone? Almost put the kangaroos closer together so the tails were interlocking, but that would have been rather tawdry.

Ball State

Ball State Field

The Block B is so block that is almost looks like the number 8. The endzone has a midway stripe which could help with route running.

Bowling Green

Bowling Green Field

The contrast between the midfield logo and the stripes quite something. This field also has a built-in sponsorship with Reese's.


Buffalo Field

Buffalo now wants to be known as the State University of NEW YORK at Buffalo because of brand potential. However, having a mascot that is one letter away from an NFL teams doesn't help as much. The gold nose ring on the midfield logo is just as ridiculous as the snort and shiny chrome horns.

Central Michigan

Central Michigan Field

Spears pointing toward each end-zone might incur the wrath of the NCAA and their anti-Native-American-mascot people, but screw em.

Eastern Michigan

Eastern Michigan Field

It was brought to my attention that Eastern Michigan, whose primary color is green, has a grey field. Well that's not nearly as interesting so Eastern is going bull blacktop. Plus, every touchdown would be a victory for the EMU's over their fiercest foe.

Kent State

Kent State Field

Tuesday night #MACtion would possibly lead to Retina Scan Wednesdays if played on this field.

Miami (OH)

Miami OH Field

Lots of bird mascots in the MAC. Miami of Ohio's Redhawk looks mad about this red field. The end-zone lettering looks like the Badstreet USA lettering.

Northern Illinois

Northern Illinois Field

The huskie looks lost. He can't decide which end-zone to run towards. The NortherN Illinois end-zone lettering missed out on a chance to capitalize the N in IlliNois.


Ohio Field

No green fields for schools whose primary color is green! So we get this light brown version for the Bobcats. The paws in opposite corners give the impression of a giant bobcat who is bow-legged.


Toledo Field

Blue and gold were too boring so grey was the way to go. And with how Toledo is surrounded by conference rivals, the rocket could conceivably be pointed at one of their rivals. The Toledo lettering is weird and not symmetrical in any way.


UMass Field

With UMass having two homes, possibilities are there. You could have the Minutemen facing East at Mcguirk Stadium in Amherst and facing west at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. And you could also do black end-zones at one and the above gray end-zones at the other.

Western Michigan

Western Michigan Field

ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW! The weird mantra of PJ Fleck and Western Michigan has been integrated into the entire culture of the program. so the end-zone gets a piece of that culture. What they'll do if he leaves is to be seen, but for now we'll smile at this insane lunatic as he wins games.