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Chris Riddle, 2016 Prospect, On His Recent Memphis Visit

Chris Riddles football career was sidelined just before his junior season. Now, reclassified to the 2016 class, Riddle is looking to find a home. We caught up with him and asked about his injury, as well as his recent visit to Memphis.

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Chris Riddle has been mentioned in football circles for several years now.  As a sophomore in 2013 Riddle was finding his name mentioned with schools like Notre Dame, Florida, and LSU.  As fate would have it, an ill timed injury would delay Riddle's immediate football plans.  This past week Riddle took a trip to Memphis for a visit with the Tigers.

Riddle was on pace to be signed in the 2015 class but a broken leg changed his future.  Prior to his injury Riddle was the subject of recruiting articles by outlets such as and  Due to his injury situation Chris reclassified from the 2015 class to the 2016 class.  This weekend I was able to catch up with the 6'3', 2016 quarterback prospect and talk with him on his past, his current playing situation, and his future hopes.

So, you've had a pretty busy summer?

Yeah, it's been a struggle getting the word out that I've reclassified to 2016 since I've gone to prep.  But yeah, I've gone to around 5 or 6 camps now.  And tomorrow I'm going to Georgia (Bulldogs).

So exactly when did your leg break take place?

It was a week before my junior season started.  During practice.  It was the week before our first game and it (the game) was on ESPN too.  I had Georgia, LSU, Boston College, and UF almost ready to offer in my junior season but after I broke my leg they found other guys.

So that really set me back but, I'm fully healthy now.  From the response I've been getting in camps I'm doing well.  It's been a uphill climb, coming back from that.  I've been doing what I can and I think it's going to payoff soon.

Outside of physical healing, have you healed mentally?

A lot of times your junior season is the most important year.  I don't know, for me I feel mentally it wasn't a huge factor.  I just knew I had one shot at this and I needed to make the best of it.

So what did you think about Memphis?

We actually rolled in to Memphis around 3 AM Thursday morning so I didn't get much time in the ciy.  But I went to see Coach Cornelsen (co-offensive coordinator) and he gave me a tour of the campus and the Liberty Bowl.  We went back to the practice facilities before camp and he also showed me the indoor facilities that are going to be built.  They looked awesome!

We spent some time in coach (Cornelsen) office and watched some film.  We watched Memphis stuff and he tested me to see what I noticed.  He seemed impressed with the film session.

Tell me a little about your game.  You're more described as a pro-style type player?

I definitely think of myself as a pocket passer.  But I have movement in the pocket.  I can extend plays outside the pocket.

I don't have a problem with it (running).  My first instinct is to pass the ball or keep my eyes down field until I cross the line of scrimmage.  I'm not extremely fast but can pick up 4-5 yards when it is needed.

With the quarterback being the field leader, how would you describe yourself?

I don't think you'll get true leadership by being laid back and shy.  There are guys that can, but from my experience, you have to be vocal.  You have to earn respect, but you also have to demand respect.

Knowing coach Fuente's past with quarterbacks how do you feel about the possibility of working with him?

He is an offense type guy.  Look at Andy Dalton!  Just the way he has turned the Memphis program around.  Obviously beating a good BYU team last year in Miami.  Exciting stuff going on inside the program.  With the way he develops players, it would certainly be an honor.

What would you bring to the table for Memphis?

I think my strength is in passing and footwork in the pocket.  It all starts from there.  I can do a lot of the things (Paxton) Lynch does.  The zone read on the goal line where Paxton will get 2 yards.  I love to do that!  I love running when it's needed.  Just making plays!

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