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Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns Play-by-Play Announcer Knows His Stuff, And Wants You To Know That

Because Twitter is not for everybody, guys.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

So you may remember last week when we wrote what was one of several articles speculating about possible near-future realignment. This was all spurred by the Big 12's revelation that their potential expansion wasn't as money-related as we thought, so we decided to be clever with the headline we tweeted out.

Now of course, with social media being social media, it was only a matter of time before an opinion... slightly different than our own cropped up. Of course, in this case it was Jay Walker, football play-by-play announcer for the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns, who told us we were a bunch of dummy-heads.

Of course the message boards will love it, Jay! Why else would we have written it?! Surely you know by know that our entire purpose in life is to give csnbbs material to flame each other about.

Hmm... thanks, I guess? I'm not sure that it's requiring of a backhanded compliment, but hey. A compliment is a compliment. Thanks for sticking beside us by standing in front of us and tripping us, Brian.

This is, of course, absurd. The article was written entirely "in English." I was unaware that accuracy was a language. Clearly I slept through something in college.

OH! Burn on you, Karl Benson. And Brian is two-for-two on compliments that really aren't, but at least he is deflecting attention away from an article that, again, was merely speculation.

Now here we go! The Pope to our rescue! Il Papa is always looking out for the lesser of his people.

YES. This article is bad because it seems like reporting. Guess we need to be more blatant with our speculation? TULANE TO THE SEC, Y'ALL. BOOK IT.

And he didn't suggest Southland schools as candidates. He said that the fact that numerous current Sun Belt teams were once Southland Conference members means that expansion via adding another Southland team could make sense. How much less committal could we be? And why exactly is it laughable?

Thank god someone is in our corner.

O.K., now you're being an ass. He didn't say "FIVE SUN BELT TEAMS WENT DIRECTLY FROM THE SOUTHLAND TO THE SUN BELT." Your chronology about when each team was in which conference disproves nothing. All we said was that they each were previously, at one point, Southland members. And for the second time, all we said was that given historical context, a Southland team might make sense.

Well yeah, we know the conference championship minimum membership thing is going away. Just because the Sun Belt will no longer need to have 12 teams in order to have a conference title game doesn't in any way prove that they won't add a team. My brain is reaching its maximum here...

O.K., I'm pretty sure he was being a little bit hyperbolic. We know it's not entirely Benson's fault that this happened, or even primarily. That just wouldn't make any sense.

And then some time passed before one final parting shot.

FINALLY, the truth comes out. Clearly, if we knew this conference as well as he does, we would know that the priority is to have a goddamn travel partner for App State when it comes to Olympic sports. I hate to say it champ, but our job isn't to call every play of every football game for a Sun Belt Conference team. So we aren't attuned to every rumbling in the conference.

And again, just because that's the priority doesn't mean that's what they wind up doing.

Jeez. Can't a guy speculate wildly just once without you being a buzzkill about it?