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What If The Group Of Five Went Full Boise On Their Fields? - #FunBelt

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In the first of the five proper installments of the "Going Full Boise" series, we'll tackle the 11 teams of the Sun Belt.

The guidelines here are that I used alternate, secondary and old logos. No green fields and no conference logos. The team-specific Sun Belt logos looked decent on Sun Belt fields, but other conference logos weren't as helpful and the idea was scrapped.

Here we go!

Appalachian State

Appalachian State Field

A black field would be scalding hot (hot hot) and the script Mountaineers in the endzone looks like a kid carefully practicing calligraphy.

Arkansas State

Arkansas State Field 2

The Red Wolves logo that doesn't have any eyes is still somehow staring into your soul as the red field burns into your retinas watching on TV.

Georgia Southern

Georgia Southern Field

Tradition-laden Georgia Southern is embracing a new tradition with the hashtag in the endzone. Despite the fact that GATA came from UGA, #GATA can come from Southern. However, different-colored endzone would be a bridge too far for Southern fans.

Georgia State

Georgia State Field

One of the few with their primary logo at midfield because that panther doesn't look scary at all. Those Georgia Dome/New Falcons Stadium workers would get some sweet overtime replacing the turf from NCAA to NFL. Wonder if the Peach Bowl would want peach-colored turf?


Idaho Field

Idaho is like Frodo from Lord of the Rings. They have a sword and axe and let's be honest, Legolas was just a show-off. The striped field would only be half as offensive as the aircraft hanger the Vandals play their home games in.

New Mexico State

New Mexico State Field

The maroon color here would match the sky in the early Las Cruces evening. The state-infused logo matches the end-zone and the state of the Aggie team. Meh and whatever.

South Alabama

South Alabama Field

Dontcha feel patriotic just looking at that? You almost could use the field for the Star Spangled Banner. This would be worth it just for the NFL hive mind to complain about it every year at the Senior Bowl.


Troy Field

The Troy T logo is awesome and should be used as the primary logo. The TroJans with the weird J is dumb and makes little sense, but a burning wooden horse didn't make sense as an end-zone logo.

Texas State

Texas State Field

Yes there's technically three shades of gold here. I think there was a recent string of stories about Texas State athletics and marketing that covered subjects such as that. The star is front and center because every team in Texas has to have an oversized big star. Note: No other Texas team in this series has a big star at midfield.


UL-Lafayette Field

The Fleur de lis is front and center because the Acadiana flag would have looked too tacky here and there's already 12 chili peppers on this field. Cross-promotion with Chili's would be a gold-mine.


UL-Monroe Field

ULM's camo jerseys and close association with Duck Commander is a natural fit here. It could also help the Warhawks score touchdowns if they wear camo jerseys as receivers could blend in with the turf.

Tomorrow, we'll get our MAction on covering the 13 teams of the Mid-American Conference.