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What If The Group Of Five Went Full Boise On Their Fields? - Intro And Teaser

Only one FBS team has a field colored other than green. But what if everyone else colored their football field with school colors?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

For over the last 20 years, Boise State has been the bastion of what many people think is all that is wrong with college football. However, the "Smurf Turf" has made Boise a household name with a recent history most of us won't ever forget.

So what if everyone else in the Group of Five decided to go the Boise route and redo their field with school colors? Yes, all 64 of them? And yes, I did them all. From a template I made from scratch.

EDIT: Yes, we totally knew Eastern Michigan has a grey field and didn't forget. That works, right?

On top of making fields in school colors, there were some other guidelines I went by. I tried to not use the main official athletics logo of each school. I got secondary or old logos because it was a lot more fun that way. Also, no green fields, even if the main school color is green. Yes Marshall fans, you will be mad. And those are guidelines, not rules.

And no conference logos or 25-yard logos were used for reasons you'll eventually see. Plus most everyone hates the conference they're currently in.

Here's the schedule this week.

Monday - Sun Belt
Tuesday - MAC
Wednesday - Conference USA
Thursday - The American
Friday - Mountain West

You might realize that there's a small number of teams missing. Namely, independents Army and BYU.

Well, might as well give y'all a teaser.


BYU Field

They'll now have a field like their good friends up in Boise.


Army Field 2

Army men are strong enough so they won't burn to death on their own field. Can't say the same for their opponents though. The faded camo will make you know what you're watching the damned United State Military Academy. And since Army wants to go by Army West Point now, they will be known as such as they have big guns and I don't.