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Underdog Dynasty Biggest Loser Update #1

It's early, but things are starting to happen. Well, for most of us anyways.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Nicolas Lewis:

Starting weight: 220

Current weight: 216

Percentage of weight lost: 1.82%

Thoughts: It's amazing how you can kick-start things just by being outside more often in horrific Alabama summer weather when you're a Yankee who is not used to it.

Christopher Hondros

Starting weight: 225

Current weight: 225

Percentage of weight lost: NOT A DAMN THING

Thoughts: In his defense, he has been on a cruise ship the entire time, so far. That's right. This is him, I think.

Matt Monte

Starting weight: 303

Current weight: 297

Percentage of weight lost: 1.98%

Thoughts: I don't remember the specifics of Matt's plan, but I remember it involving something along the lines of "not trying very hard at first." Either very clever or too clever, one or the other.

Jared Kalmus

Starting weight: 256

Current weight: 253

Percentage of weight lost: 1.17%

Thoughts: Jared is clearly doing his best to hang back and then make a late charge, I presume. Like a great racehorse, which is rather fitting given his appearance.

Contestant X

Starting weight: 349

Current weight: 340

Percentage of weight lost: 2.58%

Thoughts: As I expected, the person with the most to lose has lost the most and is out to an early lead. We'll see if this early result persists, but so far so good - for him anyways. More work to do for the rest of us!