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Which Underdog Wins All-American Pet Photo Day?

You may or may not be surprised at the result.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

So little did I know, but today was All-American Pet Photo Day. Surely this is a great opportunity to see who can pull out a victory in the age old rivalry between Army and Navy. First, let's take a look at the Middies entries, using the hashtag #MyNavyPet


O.K., what have we got...

A strong start by Navy Athletics themselves. I feel a little bad for this pup, since his headgear is a little bit of an oversized and odd fit, but we'll let it go for now.

Nice and simple, and he's even rooting for a non-revenue sport! Extra points for this one!

You... no, damnit. You just set your damn Navy hat on top of this poor pooch's head and had him lay there long enough to snap a photo. Two demerits for you, sir, this is lazy as hell.

Now we're back in the swing of things here. Full uniform and sitting at attention! This is definitely one of the best, for sure.

Heh. "Go Navy Bite Army." Apparently there was a sale at - he also looks super thrilled to be having his photo taken in it.

Alright, I'm giving the top spot to this solid photo. We'll go ahead and ignore a pup of German descent wearing this much Americana. Homeboy is rocking a Navy jersey and even a Navy... puffy neck collar... thingy. It's colorful, whatever. And clearly he looks like he means business.

Ummm... WTF. There is literally nothing Navy about this outfit. You stuck some Fourth of July decorations on your puppy and snapped a photo. Three demerits for you, for passing off USA-themed party decorations as Navy-themed petwear.

The hell? He's not even... *squints*


Oh, right. A Navy-themed collar. I think. I can't tell for sure.

Whew. Getting back to a stronger one. Football helmet, check. Navy shirt awkwardly pulled down over pup, check. DEMON EYES, CHECK. STOP STARING INTO MY SOUL.

Pssh. Copycat. Still, a different helmet and a cute puppy. This will do just fine.





Oh well, chalk up another win over Army for the Midshipmen. This one slightly less meaningful than any others, but a landslide nonetheless.