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Memphis Tigers, Their Opponents, And Gambling Money

Oddsmakers see Memphis losing 3-4 games. How do you think they'll finish and who will they lose against?

David Becker/Getty Images

Back on May 27th Bud Elliott put together a nifty chart provided by the work of 5Dimes.  For those unfamiliar with 5Dimes they are a odds making casino and sports book website.  The chart Bud created ended up listing the over/under wins for all D1 football teams.  I highly suggest you check out Bud's article listed above and see how your favorite team is predicted to fare next season.

So what exactly do we do with all these numbers?  Well, I'm no gambler so count me out in that category.  However, I'm sure plenty of you have lined up wagers set for spreads and all sorts of silly prop bets.

Oddsmakers have the American shaping up to be a race between the Tigers and Houston Cougars (both at 8.5 o/u).  Below, for your viewing pleasure, I have listed the Tigers schedule as well as the opponents over/under wins and losses.


vs. Missouri State



@ Kansas (1.5)



@ Bowling Green (5)



vs. Cincinnati (7.5)



@ USF (4)



vs. Ole Miss (8.5)



@ Tulsa (5)



vs. Tulane (5)



vs. Navy (7.5)



@ Houston (8.5)



@ Temple (7)



vs. SMU (2.5)


So 5Dimes predicts the Tigers to lose 3-4 games.  What games are the likely loses?  The best bet for expected possible loss scenarios is probably Ole Miss, Navy, @ Houston and @ Temple.  However, every last one of those games is very winnable for this Tigers squad.

My personal opinion is potential losses against Ole Miss, Navy, Houston, and Temple.  There is part of me that has a suspicion on the Bowling Green game, but I think the Tigers pull that one out.  In my heart of hearts I feel the Tigers will only lose to Ole Miss, Navy, and Houston out of that bunch.  Following up a 9-3 season with a 9-3 season will give Memphis plenty to cheer about, but a off-season full of worry.

Where, if anywhere, do you see the Tigers slipping up?  Tell me what you think below.