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Five Candidates to Become the Next Radio Voice of the Georgia Southern Eagles

Chris Blair is moving on to LSU at the end of this year to become the radio man in Baton Rouge. Who will take over in Statesboro?

Todd Bennett/Getty Images

It's all over but the shoutin' of "Put an Eagle Six on it" for one more season before Chris Blair heads for the swampier pastures of Louisiana. Blair leaves behind some great calls from his 10-year tenure calling GSU football games, along with possibly a few members of his radio staff who could stay on and take over the top job.

Here are five names that could become the next Voice of Georgia Southern Athletics.

Ryan Chambers

Chambers is by far the name getting the most attention from Eagle Nation. He's served as a sideline reporter for the broadcast team for as long as Blair has been around, and apparently got his start at a very young age.

"He was a backup high school quarterback for Georgia Military College in Milledgeville and, with some time on his hands, liked joking around with others on the sidelines by doing an impromptu play-by-play of his teammates on the field."

Aside from serving as the "Erin Andrews of Eagles' football sidelines," Chambers is no stranger to play by play. He's handled Eagle baseball broadcasts for the last decade along with some women's basketball games. Chambers also has experience in sales, which never hurts.

Terry Harvin

About as True Blue as it gets, Harvin was a punter for three I-AA national title winners from 1986-1990 and has served as a color commentator next to Blair for the past 10 years.

I asked our other Georgia Southern writer Walt Austin about the radio situation, and he told me Chambers should get the top job only because Harvin is too good at the color role:

"Ryan is as likely as anyone, honestly. I figure they would promote from within. I don't see Terry moving over a seat. He's too spastic and perfect for the color guy... That man never shuts up. He's awesome."

Harvin's also director of development for the Atlanta region of the Georgia Southern University Athletic Foundation and a past president of the Georgia Southern Alumni Association.

Nate Hirsch

Likely a long shot but definitely a fan favorite, Hirsch was the voice of the Eagles from 1971 through 2006, which means he called all six I-AA national title games and a whole bunch of other historic moments. It seems unlikely he'd make a return after being gone so long but from what I understand Hirsch still lives in the area and calls local high school games on Friday nights. He's also a member of the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame.

Walt's take on Hirsch: "Personally, I'd still love to have Nate Hirsch back. I think he's likely too old and it wouldn't happen anyway, but I miss Nate in the booth."

Robbie Ross

Moving outside of the in-house guys we've got Robbie Ross, the former voice of the Furman Paladins (I think I just threw up on my keyboard a little). In spite of the nauseating affiliation, I've heard good things about Ross and his abilities. Here he is, ironically enough, previewing a game at Paulson Stadium a few years back:

Jake Hallman

Hallman is a longtime 'Boro resident who I once shadowed at the Statesboro Herald. He now owns a company called Stouthouse Media that some of you will remember produced the useful "Southern Not State" infomercial last fall.

Hallman has done some work with the radio broadcast team and is definitely a colorful personality. Someone mentioned his name on our original post about Blair taking the LSU job, and since I know him I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. His response:

"When [Blair] leaves, there will be a tremendous void to fill. But Georgia Southern isn't having any problems lately picking up top-tier talent, so I'm sure that whomever steps into Chris' role will be a worthy successor."

Hallman later left his own comment on the story saying it'd be hard for him to refrain from the occasional four-letter word when describing an Eagle beatdown, which sort of makes me want him to get the gig.

Honorable mentions

If the new top dog isn't promoted from within there's a pretty good chance it'll be someone we've never heard of, but I put the question out there on Twitter and was given the names Gary Ayers (currently at Western Carolina), Mark Hauser (Wofford) and Danny Reed (The Citadel). No clue why they're all SoCon guys.

And last but not least, The Dark Horschz

Speaking of PAE6OI, that catch phrase is likely gone along with Blair. If you're the commenting type, tell us what catch phrase you'd use if they stuck you in the booth. And keep it clean y'all this is a family site.