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Which College Football Playoff Team Is Your Sun Belt Team? New Mexico State Is Alabama

If you started a college football program from scratch, maybe the New Mexico State Aggies wouldn't be the team you would choose to emulate. Still, there's a CFP team lurking somewhere in Las Cruces.

Roll Damn Aggies?
Roll Damn Aggies?
Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Remember what I said that one of our UDD writers told me about the Idaho Vandals? Well, he grouped the New Mexico State Aggies along with the Vandals. Here's the actual quote:

Idaho, [team name redacted] and New Mexico State are like none of those teams and should go sit in a corner.

I owe it to the fine folks that reside in Las Cruces (i.e. I have never been, but I like to keep an open heart) to defend their honor. If anyone will use the Aggies name in vain, it will be me in this post.

Here are five reasons why the New Mexico State Aggies are the Alabama Crimson Tide. Bama and the worst team of all time? Roll damn Tide.

Both Know One God, and Only One God

Both Alabama and NMSU have settled on a "crimson and white" look that is easy on the eyes and, most importantly, have been traditionally linked to one head coach. For Alabama, it's Paul "Bear" Bryant, who presided over the Tide from 1958 to 1982. Most fans know about Bear Bryant, his hat, the plaid, the wins and the national championships, etc.

For New Mexico State, the white man and head coach of old would be Warren Woodson, who arrived in Las Cruces in the same year as Bear Bryant in Tuscaloosa and stayed until 1967. During his reign, the Aggies enjoyed an era of (relative) excellence and national relevancy. This brings me to my next parallel between the two programs.

Claims To National Championships?

The Tide have been known to dabble into the suppositions, hypothetical and theoretical to claim all the national championships in the world that are supposedly rightfully theirs (i.e. the tally is at 15, last I checked). Not that New Mexico State fans do the same... but maybe they should?

I hereby introduce the 1960 Aggies team, which finished the season with a perfect 11-0 record and a final AP Poll ranking of No. 17; sure, maybe the team played a bunch of nobodies, but that shouldn't stop NMSU fans from claiming part of Minnesota's national title that year.

A Stellar Postseason Record

Both the Crimson Tide and the Aggies have fared admirably well after the regular season, the former winning 34 of the 61 bowl games it played in and the latter winning two of three bowls. (That's where you point to New Mexico State and scream, "TINY SAMPLE SIZE!" but hey, I can only work with what I have.)

Both Didn't Defend Well in 2014

The Crimson Tide fans like to thumb their nose at anyone who dares say that team X is just as good at Bama (i.e. they'll say it's because they're the only ones who aren't being fan boys, which LOL), but this much is true: Nick Saban's team was bad on defense this past season. Oh, sure, the Tide ranked No. 6 in the FBS for scoring defense, which is what matters, and No. 4 and No. 12 against the run and in total defense.

But my God was Bama a train wreck against the pass, ranking a very atypical No. 59. That's lower than South Alabama's unit that finished the 2014 season at No. 41 and certainly lower than the Aggies' finish at No. 6 in the FBS.

NMSU was excellent against the pass; it was dreadful everywhere else.

YouTube Never Lies

The ever-excellent and -dependable video hosting platform can be called upon to glean valuable information re: the inner workings of a football program; namely, that both New Mexico State and Alabama believe in football workouts and conditioning.

This video is the second result when you search "New Mexico State football conditioning" on YouTube while the following is the third result under "Alabama Crimson Tide conditioning" on the platform.

This tells me that these are two programs that put strength and conditioning, two pillars of a workout, at the forefront of their football preparation. This tells me that this is just another way in which New Mexico State and Alabama are alike.

What say you, Aggies fans? Is that the right choice? Lets us know in the poll and the comments below. Read the rest of this series here.