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Which College Football Playoff Team is Your Sun Belt Team? Texas State is All of Them

Because decision-making is hard.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

So if there's one thing Texas State/SWT football is really good at, it's changing its identity on a regular basis. Throw in differing styles of play spanning from "Bradley George throwing 100 times a game" to "Robert Lowe running the ball 100 times a game," six different school names throughout its history, and Bobcat Athletics changing conferences like one changes clothes, and that makes Texas State the college football equivalent of a lovechild between Carmen SanDiego and Waldo. Many personalities and disguises, and even more fake passports.


"I'm sorry sir, but Gulf Star Conferenceland hasn't existed for almost 30 years. And your passport has mold growing on it."

Anyway, when comparing Texas State to the CFB playoff teams, none of the comparisons to each individual team really works all that well. Except when it does. Wait, what?

Texas State is Oregon

Zone read/spread hurry-up offense with some triple option thrown in? Check. A long history that nobody ever acknowledges, and sometimes for good reason? Check. Exciting dual threat quarterback with a 1000+ yard running back in tow? Check. Defense full of draft picks that still isn't entirely convincing and suffers some crucial injuries? Check.

Falls on its face when it really matters on the national stage? *siiiiiiiiigh* CHECK.

Texas State is Florida State

School colors buddies! They open the season against each other! Every single game they play is a heart attack no matter how bad the opponent is! Then they generally get blown the hell out whenever they face a really good team! Both fanbases are fairly cranky on message boards!

Texas State is Ohio State

This one's kind of a stretch. But I went to Texas State, and I also went to Austin Westlake High School, which plays Ohio State's fight song, and Texas State and Westlake were both featured on Friday Night Lights, meaning there is some sort of Illuminati connection here that's probably featured in a Wu Tang song somewhere. Jim Harbaugh best protect ya neck.

They also hail from states that are incredibly prideful in their own special brand of chili. Unfortunately, only Texas State actually does it right, because WHO IN THE HELL PUTS SPAGHETTI AND GODDAMN CHEESE ON CHILI TEXAS STATE NATIONAL CHILI CHAMPS 2015. Hey, would you look at that. Both schools took home championship hardware.

Texas State is Alabama

I'm especially a fran of this comparison as it's easy to frantically count the parallels and connections between the two schools. Until recently, both coaches at Texas State and Alabama were committed to a run-first, run-second attack and any semblance of a two-minute drill was little more than a frantom in the playbook, or perhaps a frantasm. Both schools have explored incorporating more spread wrinkles into their attack, but frankly their strength has always been bruising running backs that'll run a train on opponents.

Their respective athletic departments and franchise cultures are quick to quash any frantasies of rebellion, as frans are told time and time again to "trust the process" no matter what. Both schools also francy themselves as being "above" their smaller university system counterparts and have had designs on forcing their respective brands on them in the past.

Add all of these frantastic comparisons up and there's no reason Texas State and Alabama frans shouldn't join hands in frandship.

Whew, I got a little excited there. Better start franning myself and sip a Franta so I can cool off.

What's the dealio, Texas State fans? Agree with us? Let us know in the comments below and vote in our poll. Read the rest of the series here.

photo credit: CBP Officer Conducts Bag Inspection via photopin (license)