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Vote for the Mount Rushmore of Georgia Southern Eagles Football

This is it Eagle Nation! Now's your opportunity to elect the four biggest legends of the team who practices on the banks of Beautiful Eagle Creek.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

All right y'all, the nominations are in and we're all set to vote on the faces that will be (metaphorically) etched in stone.

The nomination process was fascinating, with a lot of folks weighing in based on all sorts of criteria. A major factor was when the nominator attended Georgia Southern or began watching the team (I'll always be partial to Jayson Foster as I was on campus for his run), and some fans were extremely thoughtful in how they came about their conclusions:

Other came forth with the bravado:

And no, random emailer, we're not nominating Will Muschamp.

One candidate I wish I'd thought of was Teddy Craft, a wide receiver who was killed in a motorcycle accident before the 2006 season.

Several posters/Twitterers brought up Paul Johnson, the offensive coordinator for the '85 and '86 national championship teams and head coach of the '99 and 2000 title winners. But with him being head coach at Georgia Tech others weren't feeling it.

There was no shortage of modern era nominations in the form of President Brooks Keel and Athletic Director Tom Kleinlein, who may not be there yet though they're working their way up the ladder.

Nobody nominated current players like Matt Breida or Kevin Ellison, but guys, if you keep the big time wins rolling we'll gladly break out the chisels again.

Now, about the voting process:

We're doing things a little differently. You will only be able to vote for one person, which is totally because we want to do it that way and not because our polling system only allows one selection.

Therefore, I've given an auto bid to Erk Russell. It's just too obvious. Erk practically is the program even 26 years after his final game. Any Mount Rushmore for GSU football must now and always include Russell's bald bust.

As for the remaining three, well, you've got a choice to make. Do you go with who you think is the second biggest legend? Or do you go for the guy you feel really deserves that fourth spot but may get overlooked by others?

If you really feel like voting One More Time, there's nothing preventing you from going to the local library and punching up this post on as many computers as you can find. We wouldn't mind that at all, actually.

Nominees are below.