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New England Patriots Take CB Darryl Roberts Out Of Marshall With 247th Pick

The Marshall cornerback can make plays, but will he get the chance?

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

With their last (non-compensatory) pick in the draft, the New England Patriots land a major contributor to Marshall's near-dream season. Darryl Roberts is a hard hitting corner with a penchant for challenging receivers deep. The big knock on him is the number of penalty yards he gave away by getting a little handsy. Roberts just needs to work on his patience and awareness. He has the physical tools, and he isn't afraid to mix it up with running backs. A move to safety may benefit him, but only time will tell.

Ultimately, Roberts will probably never see significant playing time for the Patriots, and be lucky if he spends any real time on the active roster. But we've seen the Patriots turn underrated play makers into stars before.