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Memphis DE Martin Idefi Selected By St. Louis Rams With Pick #227

Will the Tiger alum be able to find a home with atypical size and skills?

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Well, so much for that late February interview with the Patriots. Ifedi heads to the Rams in the last round, where he will look to prove himself as more than a guy who was a successful defensive lineman and Memphis' all-time sack leader because of his level of competition and not his personal ability.

He gets knocked (like most of these late-round defensive lineman) for having neither the size nor the skillset of a traditional NFL defensive lineman, while also missing the same benchmark for a linebacker. However, he is known for a strong work ethic (which all teams love) and hopefully is well past his knee injury from this past season so he can begin to prove what he can do with hard work and a top-notch coaching staff.