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William & Mary WR Tre McBride Selected by Tennessee Titans With 245th Pick

A gifted athlete from FCS will need to polish his technique but could be the steal of the draft.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So this draft pick reminds me a whole lot of Marques Colston. Colston was a big and talented receiver who came out of Hofstra University, and wound up lasting all the way until the 252nd pick when the Saints snatched him up. I distinctly remember one analyst who was high on him say that "pretty much the only legitimate knock against him is that he played at Hofstra."

While Colston hasn't exactly become Jerry Rice 2.0, the concerns about level of competition were clearly overblown. The same can be said for McBride, whose 4.4 speed and prototypical size will serve him well at the next level, no matter how much of a jump it is. He likely needs a fair amount of technique work in terms of route running and the finer points of receiving, but the Titans got a steal in a guy who was projected to go as high as the third round. Enjoy, Mr. Mariota.

Here's our scouting report of McBride.