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Texas State Mount Rushmore Runoff Vote: Claude Mathis vs. Barrick Nealy

There's some wacky voting going on here.

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We asked you to vote for the four most legendary Texas State Bobcats to be enshrined in internet glory until the end of time (or until China and/or Al Gore wipes out all our internets), and vote you did. Three clear winners emerged from the fray:

  • Jim Wacker, former coach and AD - 21 votes. Good choice.
  • Ricky Sanders, former RB and NFL wide receiver  - 16 votes
  • David Mayo, former LB and 5th round Panthers draft pick - 13 votes
Wacker was a shoo-in, and the inclusion of Sanders is definitely understandable thanks to his role on the 1980's championship squads as well as his success with Washington in the NFL. That Mayo was included was, well, incredibly surprising to me, but he was briefly part of quite possibly the greatest linebacking corps Texas State has ever had along with Mike Orakpo. And hey, internet democracy is internet democracy.

However, we had a split vote between two Bobcat legends who are easily deserving of a place of their own. They would happen to be former players Claude Mathis and Barrick Nealy, who both tied with 12 votes. I could decide to go the route of a Disney movie ending and put five people on Mount Chautauqua, but I'd rather have a OVERTIME RUNOFF THUNDERDOME. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE. Er, four.

If you need a reminder of what Mathis and/or Nealy did at SWT/Texas State, refresh your memory here.

Fair disclosure: I voted for Wacker, Mathis, Nealy, and Milton Jowers. Poor Mr. Jowers only received 3 votes. I guess those SWT grads who were around in the 60's haven't found Underdog Dynasty yet.

Now go vote, and feel free to vociferously shout down your opponents in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter. Voting ends at the stroke of midnight on Friday.