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Hobart OG Ali Marpet picked 61st By Buccaneers

The first Hobart player invited to the Senior Bowl, was also the first Hobart player selected in the draft, and the first time you've ever heard of Hobart.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Ali Marpet was a three-year All Conference and two-year All American for the fighting... ***Googles Hobart *** ...Statesman? (Or Herons, I really have no idea.)

Clearly, that kind of track record, along with a solid Senior Bowl performance, was enough to convince the Bucs to take a shot on the stocky guard.

Marpet is also the first Division III player picked since 2012. Word is he is very technically sound, keeps his hands inside, and plays smart.

It may not sound like a great idea trusting your brand new, first overall pick QB to a Division III lineman, but this pick should prove to be a solid one for Tampa Bay. He joins the 34th overall pick, Penn State offensive tackle Donovan Smith, as rookies on the o-line, so clearly the Bucs are concerned with protecting their new investment.