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Samford SS Jaquiski Tartt Picked 46th by 49ers

You read that right. Samford. But don't let the FCS pedigree fool you. This kid can hit.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not even going to pretend like I was very familiar with this kid's body of work before the draft, but every bit of research I've done on Jaquiski Tartt points to one thing. He's a freaking hammer.

There are questions about whether or not the first FCS player picked in this draft can really hang with top level receivers in coverage, but clearly the Niners are not too concerned. Every scouting report on Tartt seems to focus on his attitude and fierce nature. Maybe that's just what San Francisco needs to inject some life into a secondary that just doesn't seem to get any respect.

But I'm not expecting Tartt to supplant Antoine Bethea at SS, just yet. After all, the 49ers took a SS first in last year's draft, and he barely lasted eight games. If Tartt does see the field, he should be a solid, heavy-hitting complement to FS Eric Reid's ballhawkishness. (I think that's a word.)