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Who Belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Texas State Bobcats Football?

Hi, I heard you like HOT SPROTS TAEKS

Does Ricky Sanders deserve to be on the Mount Rushmore of Bobcat legends? You decide!
Does Ricky Sanders deserve to be on the Mount Rushmore of Bobcat legends? You decide!
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

History can be an important building block for a football program, that is if the program is willing to use it. However, unless you're a diehard Bobcat, you may not know that Texas State has been around for over a century.

Bobcat football has had some legendary figures come through San Marcos, especially during the heady days in NAIA and Division 2 where conference and national titles were an expectation.

A new generation of bigger, talented players and better coaching is also looking to re-write the history books at Texas State.

The Athletic Department has done a good job showcasing that new generation of FBS players, but people aren't as familiar with the rest of the history of Bobcat football. Let's change that.

As part of my continuing resolution to provide fresh, new, and inspired content every day, I've decided to completely rip off Haisten's Georgia Southern Mount Rushmore idea and use it for Texas State. The premise is simple: Anyone who has been a part of Bobcat football, whether it be a player, coach, booster, fan, mascot, whoever, is eligible for nomination.

This should be a fun debate. Maybe you think a player belongs on the Bobcat Mount Rushmore for their on-field success solely at Texas State, or because of their pro career. Maybe you think a legendary coach should be chosen because he increased the profile of Texas State football in a way that others didn't. Maybe you think an influential booster who helped with Texas State's climb to FBS should be nominated.

All of those reasons are fine! You can nominate whoever you want, and however many people you want from Texas State/SWT football.

Just like Georgia Southern's Mount Rushmore, we'll take nominations for a week until next Friday, then vote on who the Final Four should be for a week after that. You can submit your nominations in the following ways:
  • Leave a comment below
  • Tweet at @THETXSTUniv or @underdogdynasty
  • E-mail
  • Leave a comment on our Facebook page (be sure and like the page too because I know you appreciate shameless self-promotion)
Oh, and if you have a unique name that we could use instead of Mount Rushmore to describe our completely made up shrine of Bobcat legends, feel free to throw one out there as well. I'd be partial to Mount "I JUST WALKED UP TO OLD MAIN AND LOOK AT HOW DAMN RIPPED MY CALVES ARE" if it wasn't so long or full of all caps.