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Who Belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Georgia Southern Eagles Football?

Yes, we're doing this.

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

If you listen to sports talk radio or read, or just have obnoxious friends, you've heard these debates before: Who belongs on the Mount Rushmore of XX organization?

Well it's fun, so we're doing it for Georgia Southern. Let the debate begin.

I do realize this discussion played out on the GSU message boards about a year ago, but that was limited to players only and a few posters got off on an awkward tangent about imperialism.

Our version is open to everyone who has ever been part of Eagle Nation. Coaches, players, fans, band members, cheerleaders, boosters, if you feel they're deserving then send in the nomination. We'll put GUS or Freedom up there if they get enough votes (the beak would be challenging for the carvers, I know. But it's all good y'all we've got FBS money now).

Here's how it works: This week we're taking nominations. Leave names in the comments section or, if for some reason you want to be all stealthy, hit me on Twitter or via email. Nominate as many Eagle legends as you like, including yourself if need be, you raging narcissist.

The only nominations who will not be accepted are those names which are an anagram for "Furman Paladins" (sorry Inman Salpurdaf, it's not happening for you).

We'll announce the finalists next Friday, followed by one week of voting, and reveal the winners the following Friday. Top four vote-getters make the mountain. I think we can make this pretty special, or at least a lot better than the state of Alabama's version.

Whose Rock!?

Editor's Note: If Mount Rushmore is too far north and you want to consider this the Stone Mountain of Eagle football instead, y'all be my guest, but there's no better name for a Georgia Southern football tribute than "rush more".