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The Underdog Dynasty Staff plays Guess The Stadium

The rules are simple...

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By using bad Yelp reviews as our guide, the Underdog Dynasty Staff tried to guess the stadium that corresponded with the Group of Five school.  Enjoy:

Nic Lewis: New idea: A stadium-by-stadium review of the teams we cover; where do they play, is it good or bad, are they looking to renovate or not, etc etc etc...

Matthew Monte: Based completely on Yelp reviews.

Chris Hondros: Here you go:

" Rude and unprofessional event staff make me want to hit somebody in the mouth! They charged me for another ticket because I came out to smoke... AFTER they charged me for another parking pass because I didn't read the stub the parking attendant threw on the dash... of my marked police car!!! ...and I'm a uniformed law enforcement officer and one of the smart-mouthed "blue coats" wanted to question me about my authority to carry a weapon. I've received better treatment at Buffalo Wild Wings! Bring a pocket full of cash, because they'll extort every red cent they can!!!"

Matt: Hmm, dumb cops and money grubbing. Gotta be somewhere in Texas.

Chris: That's a start. but where in Texas?

Matt: I wanna say Reliant Stadium, but I don't think so. Maybe... it's a pro stadium though the stub on the dash for parking gives that away.

Chris: Fake-ass pro stadium.

Haisten Willis: Jerry World!

Matt: Fake? Then the Alamo Dome.

Chris: CORRECT!!!

Haisten: The cash extorting gives it away.


Haisten: Do they even have events there??

Chris: Yes, UTSA games.

Matt: And a Motley Crue concert!

Haisten: Whoops. Was thinking the Astrodome.

Matt: LOL. Different shit hole.

Will Butler: Ah, the Alamodome. So many suboptimal memories in that place.

Haisten: Ok I got one for y'all:

"This place is a dump, and so is the entire surrounding area. it looked like the remnants of a city after a WWII battle as we were searching for parking, and certainly not someplace you'd want to be walking around in after dark. luckily i was there for an early afternoon game."

Chris: That' I would go with Legion Field, but that might be too easy.

Haisten: ding ding ding! we have a winner!


Will: That was gonna be my guess.

Haisten: Have to go with the low hanging fruit sometimes, yes. Very accurate actually.

Will: Here's a tough one:

"I like some of the updates to the stadium, but there is still work to be done. The stands on the visiting team's side should be rebuilt to look like the stands on the home team's side. A new & improved field house would help in recruiting also. I love the new scoreboard."

Chris: Hmmmm...Marshall?

Will: nope, think smaller.

Haisten: Troy.

Will: Correct conference, wrong school - good guess though.

Chris: Appalachian State.

Will: Nah, their place is nice and sparkly. Malone Stadium, ULM.

Chris: HA! Okay, here's a good one:

" We have had season tickets since before the inception of football. Yeah, there is kind of a spirit but there are so many things lacking I don't know where to begin. If you want to tailgate break out big bucks for a parking spot. Food? Terrible, terrible and wicked expensive for the junk.

"Want beer? Nope, well not unless you can get into the special luxury booths where they have full bars, comfortable seats and all that. Could I afford it? Yes. Would I? No. Not that loyal an alumni I suppose. The regular seats are just horrible. Pretty sad to see how they didn't rub off the old numbers where they made 10 seats into 12. Yeah, try a squeeze a bunch of bundled up fat butts on those backless, aluminum seats and you will appreciate a coach seat on an economy airline.

"One small "big" screen which only faces the premium and semi-crappy seats. They need one on each end. Finally, they blocked access to the restrooms and exits by adding a new locker room to an obsolete stadium. Wish we had better but at least they could sell beer to make the misery of a game less miserable."

Haisten: WOW. definitely on-campus... and... Oh Ladd Peebles.

Chris: Nope.

Will: That would've been my guess.

Nic: Yeah, no, "luxury booths" gives it away. There is nothing luxurious at Ladd.

Chris: Foreman Field - at Ole Dominion.

Haisten: DAMN I was gonna say that.

Will: Oh man. Yeah that is the strangest setup.

Haisten: Figured we weren't trekking that far north...

Chris: Alright, here's the final one of the day. From a G5 school out west:

" The behavior of the home team students was horrible. My wife, mother-in-law and I attended the Oct 4 Boise game, and the obscenities shouted at the Boise fans were unbelievable. A constant stream of falling-down-drunk (literally!) "students" passed by our seats in Section M shouting things you would not believe. It was embarrassing and disgusting. We have attended many, many college games at many, many venues and we have never, ever seen anything close to this. (UNNAMED SCHOOL), you should be ashamed of yourselves."

Hint: The review is not from Idaho or Boise, but rather from CT...

Haisten: Fresno State?

Will: UNLV.

Chris: You're both wrong, it's Nevada, Reno.

Do you have a Yelp Review of a stadium you want us to guess? Let us know!