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UAB Spring Game Week: #FreeUAB Supporters Discuss Details of Football Closure

While interviewing, I also polled the program supporters I talked to, and was able to give some metrics as to how they think things went, are going, and will go in the future for UAB football.

Nicolas Lewis

As part of sharing the voices of the individuals fighting for their football team to return to its rightful place in the Football Bowl Subdivision, I've been sharing their opinions at length. With the spring flag football game coming up tomorrow, I thought I would close with an all-encompassing infograph in order to provide some nice context of the bigger picture and how everyone feels about it.

Again, I thank everyone who participated in creating the content we shared this week, and I look forward to meeting most if not all of you at the game tomorrow. Feel free to approach me or anybody else in a #UABsolutely t-shirt (except maybe Courtney - she doesn't actually work for us, she's just got it like that).

Go Blazers!