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The Official 2015 Underdog Dynasty Tshirt Is Here!

Go buy enough to survive through the apocalypse! And/or laundry day.

All of these other SB Nation sites are having their own cool t-shirts to sell, and all we could think was "well damn, we've got dozen's of catchphrases that we think are awesome, why don't we make some tshirts too?

Well now we have. There is an official Gameday Depot site for you to purchase the shirts from, and there's even two color varieties (plus two gender varieties. We are inclusive of most. Sorry, no pet clothing just yet.)

If you think you have some great ideas for t-shirt designs, do not fret - there will be a t-shirt design contest in the somewhat near future, and other designs which we will determine as awesome enough to offer to you for purchase.

But this is a good enough start, I think. Go be unabashed capitalists.