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12 Eagles Show Out for NFL Scouts at Georgia Southern Pro Day

Six NFL teams, along with one from the CFL, came to Statesboro Monday to check out the football Eagles looking to continue their careers.

Todd Bennett/Getty Images

So I'm a little behind on Georgia Southern pro day, for which I deeply apologize. We've been all over the latest bomb in the UAB football death debacle here at Underdog Dynasty and have been working day and night to keep up with that story.

By the way, anyone who's a part of Eagle Nation should get behind UAB and support them in their quest to get football reinstated. That's a fellow G5 program and one ruled by a corrupt governing body who actively sought its demise.

Okay, off the soap box now.

Six NFL teams, including the Atlanta Falcons, along with the CFL's BC Lions, showed up to a muggy Paulson Stadium for Pro Day on Monday. The 12 Eagles working out included Garrett Frye and Edwin Jackson, who both played in the Medal of Honor Bowl all-star game in December.

Here's footage of the Pro Day workout from WJCL's Frank Sulkowski:

Jackson spent much of the winter training in Chicago, where there was snow up to his knees at times. The experience, he said, made him feel a little like Rocky Balboa (that's Rocky IV Rocky Balboa for those keeping score at home).

Whatever it was, he certainly looked the part of an elite athlete while going through drills:

Here are some of his stats:

Frye, meanwhile, could be a late-round pick or make a team has an undrafted free agent. All he wants is a shot:

"I wasn't really expecting anything greater," said Frye. "I'm just proud to be getting a shot. I just want a shot in a training camp, and that's all I need. All you need is one."

Three Georgia Southern Eagles have been drafted in the last two years. Hopefully we'll hear a few more names called on draft weekend 2015.