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UA System Chancellor Releases Statement Supporting Ray Watts, Criticizes "Vocal Few" #FreeUAB Protesters

Well, it appears that UAB President Ray Watts still has one friend in Alabama, and it may just be the one friend he needs. The University of Alabama system chancellor Robert Witt released a public statement confirming his support for Watts and his leadership at UAB:

"During nine years as President of The University of Alabama, I worked side-by-side with this Board of Trustees to help grow the campus and the System," Witt said today in a written statement. "There is no doubt that our governing structure and the synergies of UA, UAB and UAH are a point of tremendous pride for Alabama and a model for the nation.  It is extremely unfortunate that a vocal few would choose to disagree."

A vocal few, you say? Let's go ahead and take a quick look back at who doesn't have confidence in Ray Watts's leadership:

So damn near the entire UAB campus outside of the President's office and then some are ready for a change in leadership, which hardly constitutes a "vocal few." That is unless Witt (and Watts) considers all of UAB to be a "vocal few" in his eyes, which would unwittingly be a perfect summary of the attitude displayed thus far by those decision makers in charge of ending UAB football.