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UAB National Alumni Society Calls for Resignation of President Ray Watts

UAB's Alumni Society has released a statement condemning President Ray Watts and calls for his resignation effective immediately. The statement is unsurprising given today's news, yet still notable in that the vast majority of students, alumni, and faculty appear to have turned against him. How much longer can Watts possibly survive as the head of a university who mostly despises him outside of his own office?

Here is the statement in full:

Call for President's Resignation

March 23, 2015

The UAB National Alumni Society Past Presidents and the current Board of Directors (NAS) has no confidence that Dr. Ray L. Watts can provide effective leadership required for the University of Alabama at Birmingham based upon information and documents widely released to the public today as well as the voices of our alumni. Therefore, the NAS calls upon Dr. Watts to resign as President of the University of Alabama at Birmingham effective immediately.  We believe this action is in the best interest of the University and its various constituencies.  We make this decision with the knowledge of the gravity of the situation. UAB must have an effective President to lead this great institution that employs, educates, and serves the people of our state and nation.  UAB's mission has been compromised during this crisis and should now take priority.

It is our desire and intent for the UAB Athletics Assessment Task Force, which the NAS worked diligently to form, to continue its work on completing a feasibility study to determine the viability of reinstating football, bowling, and rifle at UAB.


The Board of Directors of the UAB National Alumni Society
The Past Presidents of the UAB National Alumni Society