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On Support And Playing Favorites: Our Coverage Of The UAB Football Story

Look! It's another UAB article!

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

We don't often talk about the things that go on behind the scenes here at Underdog, but Saturday was a special day for us. It was the day we finally got to offer our new #FreeUAB t-shirts.

That may not sound like anything special, but if you are familiar with the time we've dedicated to covering the UAB story, (or with the bureaucracy involved in getting designs approved by SBN legal) you know this is no small potatoes to us.

Some did not see it that way.

Now, there are a few rules on the internet, and one of the biggest is "don't feed the troll." But some things just can't be ignored.

Seem supportive? As in pretend like we care?

I'm sorry, but weren't we the one that broke this story before it even happened? We've followed every minute detail of this entire episode in human history.

Do you think it's because we, the vastly compensated bloggers of Underdog Dynasty, have some sort of ulterior motive or agenda? Do you think this is some plot to become rich and famous off of the suffering of others?

And what, pray tell, do you suggest we do to show our actual support?

Maybe we should rally the troops by sharing internal memos from the enemy.

Or maybe we should step out of the way, and use our reach to provide a voice to actual UAB fans. Hell, maybe we should just show up to the spring game and cheer. (Hint: we will)

What really gets under my skin is the playing favorites part.

We cover a lot of teams here. Some more than others. And I promise you it isn't because we are playing favorites. We write what you guys tell us you want. That's why there is more Georgia Southern content than there is for Troy.

But the reason we started this blog is because we believed there was a gap. Teams that needed a voice.

And UAB now needs that voice more than ever.

Since I started writing for this site, I've been blown away by the level of dedication and altruism displayed by the guys on this staff. If you believe they wouldn't provide the same level of coverage or dedicate the same number of posts to a ULM or Marshall or FIU program that was shuttered under the same circumstances, then you don't know shit about them.

There are no rewards or gold stars for any of us. The guys writing these posts aren't winning Pulitzers or making any sort of salary. And they certainly don't get shit from those t-shirt sales. To imply otherwise isn't just offensive, it's cruel.

And you know what? The timing was perfect. We, with all of our basketball knowledge and coverage, knew that 14-seed UAB would knock off... **checks CBS Sports article** 3-seed Iowa State. We had all the art and prior approval from legal lined up just for this opportunity.

You caught us. Congratulations.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to writing or I'll never meet my 20-article-per-week UAB quota.