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While You Were Hibernating, Appalachian State Completed Spring Practice

While most of the Sun Belt sat around and talked about rebuilding walls, repeating as conference champs or whining about 50-degree weather, Appalachian State didn't waste much time in getting back to it. Saturday, February 7th saw the Apps take to the field in their first practice of the spring.

Not one week after the Super Bowl, on Saturday, February 7th, in the dead of winter, it became spring time in the mountains of North Carolina. Not because it got much warmer, save for one hot spell where it got to 60 (!!) degree, but because the sound of shoulder pads and helmets colliding bounced off the snow-capped mountain-tops.

Appalachian State completed their NCAA-allowed 15 spring practices between Saturday, February 5th and Wednesday, March 4th. While the vast majority of practices took place indoors due to snow and ice, the first week and last week of practices were outside in Kidd-Brewer Stadium, taking advantage of the nice weather. And by "nice weather", we mean above 45 degree that isn't too windy.

The reason for the second earliest Fall Camp in all of FBS (Duke was the earliest by one day) is that head coach Scott Satterfield wants to take advantage of a long strength and conditioning program throughout the Spring months under S&C coordinator "Iron" Mike Sirignano, who took the position last May.

The big question for the Apps was who would take over the two positions left by departing seniors? Rising senior Davante Harris plugged in Kendall Lamm's left tackle spot and rishing sophomore Brandon Pickney along with rising seniors Aaron Krah and Doug Middleton looks to fill in Joel Ross' cornerback spot. The battle for starting CB will continue in August while Harris looks to have a solid hold on the LT starting spot for now.

This spring sees an App State team that is growing in depth and able to practice at a higher-pace than before. In the last couple years with the FBS transition, the roster wasn't as deep so the team couldn't go the way Satterfield wanted. With starting positions secure for now, the big battles were for the 2 and 3 spots on the depth chart.

Due to a lack of a good date on the calendar, there will be no Spring Game  in 2015. So the next time the public can see the App State Mountaineers on the field is the start of Fall Camp in August. Satterfield noted that the team will have several player-led practices with no coaches present throughout the spring.

For now, the players are on Spring Break (oh God) and will return to Boone this weekend to resume classes and weight training.