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UAB's J.J. Nelson Is Now A Marketer's Dream Acquisition

J.J. Nelson's slight at the hands of Adidas can be someone else's big gain if they frame the ad campaign correctly. But how?

The way we look at it, JJ Nelson is lucky he didn't have to sign that contract with Adidas. Based on their recent creative decisions, can you imagine how terrible that ad would have been? (We can.)

Well their loss is someone else's gain, and all we can say to all of the big athletic apparel companies out there is... YOU'RE WELCOME. Here is how we would market J.J. Nelson if we had the chance, using your unique marketing styles of course.


"It's o.k. if they don't get you.
Can't catch you because you're too far ahead.
We'll be there to give you lots of money
We'll be there to give you tacky uniforms
We'll be there to pick up the slack."
JJ Nelson Nike

Under Armor

"What do you do when you no longer have a house to protect?
Unleash hell."
JJ Nelson UA

Russell Athletic

"Unwanted? Unstoppable."
JJ Nelson Russell


subway JJ Nelson

"Half off Footlongs with qualifying offer*"
*Must be taken in the first round of the NFL draft and come from a program that still exists. Qualifying offer must be signed, in red ink, after you arrive but before you enter the building, in between your security pat down and getting your welcome packet"