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Hobart & William Smith Offensive Lineman Ali Marpet Puts On A Show At 2015 NFL Combine

Coming from a small school doesn't have to mean you wind up small time. The man is for real.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Ali Marpet, an offensive lineman from Division III Hobart & William Smith College, was the only Division III player invited to the NFL Combine. Let's just say he made the most of it:

If all that weren't enough, Marpet also had the fastest 10-yard split (in the 40) of any offensive lineman at 1.74 seconds, a time that was actually better than about half of this year's tight ends. Add in interviews with the Bills, the Falcons, and the Patriots, and I would say that Ali had a pretty damn good combine.

His skill isn't exactly news, so this isn't just some Combine Workout Hero that came out of nowhere - this is more of a "confirmation of known skill" plus a little extra wow factor for good measure.

Not much else happened for our underdog linemen on Friday. Al Bond reaffirmed the physical limitations that will prevent him from being a tackle at the next level, and Robert Myers showed that he isn't the greatest athlete, but it won't keep him from starting at the next level... though his issues with spandex might.