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Memphis' Martin Ifedi, Dontari Poe, And How A Great Combine Can Boost Your Stock

Martin Ifedi, Memphis' all time sack leader, looks to follow in former teammate Dontari Poe's high draft footsteps.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Martin Ifedi entered his senior season at Memphis with seemingly two large goals looming:

  • Become the all-time sack leader at Memphis
  • Work his way in to a high draft pick.
The first objective, although in question at one point, has been completed. The second objective is not yet complete but in progress.  As shown by Ifedi's former teammate, Pro Bowler Dontari Poe, the NFL Combine can make objective #2 a reality.

After initially committing as a two-star DT, Ifedi was found to be very versatile as he moved around positions on the defensive line.  Ifedi found his greatest success during his sophomore and junior seasons at Memphis, during which he recorded 19 of his 22.5 career sacks, a record that, if not for injury, almost certainly would be higher.

Add in his 36 tackles for loss, and his total yardage pushed back from scrimmage in all of these plays is 284, which ranks him in the top 10 in the NCAA.  If not for injuries during his senior season and being double teamed on the line, this number almost certainly would be much higher.

Why bring all of this up?  And what does any of this have to do with Dontari Poe?

In 2012 Poe, Ifedi's former teammate, was drafted #11 by the Kansas City Chiefs.  During this time I drifted to the Chiefs fan sites and noticed quite a bit of questioning this pick.  To date, the pick of Poe has been outstanding for the Chiefs.  Poe has been selected to two Pro Bowl teams and has accounted for 10.5 sacks in his still short NFL career.  Poe developed a minor rumbling for his name in his final season at Memphis, but his stock sky-rocked with the Combine.  It was at the NFL Combine that Poe impressed many scouts with his "epic workout performances."

For Ifedi to be catapulted high in the draft he will need to show off at the Combine.  Much like Poe, Ifedi has made a little name for himself toward the end of his college playing career for his play on the field, but also his work in the training room.  Stars matter.  Stats matter.  At this current time I have seen projections for Ifedi in the mid to late rounds of the draft.  However, as Ifedi's former Memphis teammate Dontari Poe has shown, the Combine can greatly improve your stock.

Stay tuned to Underdog Dynasty for more coverage of Martin Ifedi's Combine workouts.