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WKU And South Florida Set For Date With Destiny In Miami Beach Bowl

I clamored for it about three weeks ago, and my dream is finally a reality - WE ARE GETTING A WILLIE TAGGART BOWL, YALL.

Western Kentucky and South Florida, respectively, have accepted invitations to play in the Miami Beach Bowl on December 21st at Marlins Park. Obviously the story line here is TAGGART TAGGART TAGGART TAGGART TAGGART TAGGART TAGGART...well, you get my point. As it well should be, but also, it'll be the first football game the Hilltoppers play as a Top 25 team, as they cracked the AP Poll earlier Sunday morning.

South Florida is bowl eligible for the first time under Willie Taggart, while it was Taggart's 2011 Tops squad that began this tear WKU has been on, which has seen five-consecutive bowl eligible seasons, three bowl bids, two conferences and a conference championship (sorry, I'm just still so hype for it).

WKU athletic director Todd Stewart made a good point in the Miami Beach Bowl press conference today, that this is the first FBS bowl for the Tops that doesn't have Christmas immediately on the horizon -  the 2012 Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl was on December 26, while last year's Bahamas Bowl was on Christmas Eve.

Oh yeah, and no offense to Central Michigan, but thank everything holy it isn't Tops vs. Chippewas again.

Let the WKU/Taggart storylines begin.